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Makes billing for cloud services easy!

Do you sell cloud services such as online backup and spam filtering?

Do you find it a pain having to manually adjust service charges for your customers every month based on their current usage?

Then why not let ATBillingImport do this for you?

ATBillingImport is a small program that will allow you to import service charges, quantities, costs and prices from a CSV file you can download from your cloud service portal, and upload these to Autotask as contract charges.

Installation is easy!

Simply click the download button below to download and install ATBillingImport, then input your Autotask credentials – that’s it!

It’s even easier to use!

  1. Download your CSV file from your cloud service provider
  2. Click Import Charges and select your CSV file
  3. Select your profile (if not automatically selected)
  4. Click Upload Charges to send everything to Autotask

All charges are sent to Autotask as contract charges, these are then approve & posted the same way you would approve & post other Autotask charges.

You must be able to download a CSV file of service quantities from your cloud service provider, most service providers will allow you to do this.

Compatible with nearly any CSV file!

Although most service providers provide a CSV file for you to download, we found none of them followed a standard format.

That’s no problem for ATBillingImport as it will work with nearly any CSV file that contains at least a customer reference (such as a account number or customer name).

Use the Profile screen to specify how you would like your charges to be uploaded, rounded and calculated.  Once you create your profile the next time you import the same format CSV file it will use the correct profile for that CSV file.

There’s no limit to the number of profiles you create or the number of CSV files you can import.

We’ve started to compile a list of services which our users are using with ATBillingImport.  Please email us any other suggestions.

Category Service Submitted By
Spam Filtering MX Force Smart IT
Remote Backup Max Focus Backup Smart IT
Remote Backup Cloud Berry MSP Smart IT
Remote Backup Datto Smart IT

Charges added to Autotask contracts

Your uploaded charges are added to Autotask contracts as ‘contract charges’ using the Material Cost Code you selected in your profile, just the same way as if you had manually added the contract charges.

These are immediately available for you to approve & post, then invoice to the customer.

Download BETA version free!

Ready to download ATBillingImport?

To download the BETA version of ATBillingImport free of charge fill in your details below, we only ask you report any bugs you find

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