Downloading Purchase Orders Step by Step

Step 3: Send Purchase Orders to Sage

To send your purchase orders to Sage Accounts 50 simply click the Send To Sage button. AT2Sage locates supplier accounts in Sage Accounts 50 by matching the Account Code in Sage Accounts with the Account Number in Autotask. If AT2Sage cannot find a supplier with a matching Account Number it will prompt the user with […]

Step 2: Edit Purchase Orders

Before sending your purchase orders to Sage Accounts, you can edit a purchase order by pressing F2 or right clicking that purchase order in the list and selecting Edit Purchase Order. This will display the Purchase Order Details window above. Here you can change the company details and edit or delete charges by right clicking […]

Step 1: Download PO’s

When you’ve successfully tested your connections to Sage Accounts and Autotask you can now start to process your purchase orders. To download your Autotask purchase orders click the Download PO’s button. You will be presented with a dialog similar to that below: Choose the date range you would like to download purchase orders between (the […]