Product Codes

For all items created in Sage Accounts, AT2Sage will use the Billing Code as configured within Autotask for that item, as the Product Code within Sage Accounts. However, for products you may change the Product Code to be the Autotask ProductSKU. To do this go to AT2Sage > Tools > Options > Line Items > ‘Autotask field to use […]

Error Message – (23) Username is already in use

The username you have configured within AT2Sage (Tools > Options > Sage) is already logged into Sage Accounts elsewhere.  You must log out of Sage Accounts using that username before using AT2Sage. If you are not logged into Sage Accounts using that username anywhere on the network the user may have become locked.  To unlock […]


AT2Sage does not calculate VAT.  Billing items from Autotask invoices are transferred to Sage excluding VAT, although with the Sage tax code for that item. The Sage tax code AT2Sage uses for the billing item will be that set up for the Product or Account within Sage, depending upon the option chosen in AT2Sage > […]

Credit Notes

Credit Notes Autotask can produce invoices with negative line items, this could be to represent a credit for the cancellation of a service or an adjustment of a subscription. While these negative values show without any issue on the Autotask invoice, Sage Accounts does not like these values. Sage Accounts prefers all credit/negative value lines […]

Sage Invoice Template

The invoice template within Sage Accounts 50 may not include all the fields of your invoice, such as the Ticket Title. You can manually add this item to the invoice or you can use the free invoice template and modify this to suit your needs.  To download the free invoice template go to Tools > […]