Program Options

Nominal Codes

AT2Sage allows you to setup Nominal Codes for different Billing Codes, for example you may want Bench Work to use Nominal Code 4001 and Onsite Support to use Nominal Code 4002. This allows you to create more detailed reports in Sage Accounts. Although you can also create these Nominal Codes in Autotask, the current Autotask API […]


Display Report after Send To Sage Ticking this option will display an HTML report in your default web browser showing details of any new customers and invoices created in Sage. Email report after sending invoices to Sage Ticking this option will send an email to the specified email address with a report of all the […]


API URL This is the URL AT2Sage should use for accessing Autotask. Autotask may from time to time release a new API URL, it is recommended you use the latest API URL. America East America West London Data Center  London Data Center 2 Australia   Germany  China  Italy  France  […]


Data Path This is the path to your Sage Accounts database, the path can vary between Sage versions. You can find the path to your database by opening Sage Accounts and going to Help > About > System Information > Directories > Data Directory. Username The username to log into Sage Accounts. It is recommended […]

Line Items

Line Item Designer The Line Item Designer allows you to customise the content of the line items that are sent to Sage by using free text and variables.  Below is a list of supported variables: [TicketTitle] [TicketNumber] [ItemDate] [SummaryNotes] [ProjectNumber] [ProjectName] [CostName] [CostDescription] [ContractName] [PeriodDateTo] [ServicePeriod] [ContractPeriod] [BillingCode] [ProductSKU] [AccountOwner] [SubscriptionServicePeriod] [ServiceBundlePeriod] [ContractBundlePeriod] [ContractServiceInvoiceDescription] [ServiceInvoiceDescription] […]

Connect to Autotask

To connect AT2Sage to Autotask go to Tools > Options > Autotask. Enter the Autotask API URL in the box provided, see Autotask API URL’s article in the left menu for the current API URL’s. Enter your Autotask username and password in the boxes provided, then click Test Connection.  The Autotask username should have sufficient […]

Connect to Sage

Enable 3rd Party Integration You can run AT2Sage without using the Send To Sage functionality. However, AT2Sage does require Sage’s SDO (Sage Data Objects) Engine to be installed and enabled in order to send invoices to Sage Accounts. The SDO is automatically installed when you install Sage Accounts but needs a special Serial Number and […]