Step by Step Setup

Step 2: Create an Autotask API user

Autotask now require all Autotask integrations to use a special API user to connect to your Autotask instance.  API users are free of charge. You must be an Autotask Administrator to create Autotask API users. To create an API user, please ask your Autotask Administrator to follow these instructions: Enable the Smart IT – AT2Sage […]

Step 3: Setup AT2Sage Window

When first opening AT2Sage you will see the Setup AT2Sage window below: Setup Autotask Connection Enter your API Autotask username and password in the boxes provided, then click Test Connection. Setup Sage Connection Enable 3rd Party Integration You can run AT2Sage without using the Send To Sage functionality. However, AT2Sage does require Sage’s SDO (Sage […]

Step 1: Download and Install

AT2Sage should be installed on the same computer as your Sage Accounts 50 software is installed. Visit and download the AT2Sage setup file from the AT2Sage product page.  After downloading run the setup.exe to install AT2Sage.  When prompted enter your serial code if you have one or click Activate Later to begin a 30 […]