Can I get a refund after registering?

As with most software products, we do not offer refunds. Once you have registered the serial number, you cannot sell/resell the license, get a refund, or change the registered email address. If the serial number is not registered A refund is offered within 14 days as long as the serial number is not registered. To get […]

Additional Features

From time to time we will add additional features to AT2Sage which we feel will benefit other Autotask users (including us – we also use AT2Sage within our business).  These features may be possible due to improvements in the Autotask API, the Sage SDO, or just as a result of feedback from Autotask users. If […]

Still need help?

If after checking the online help files you still need help you can submit a ticket using our Submit Ticket form. Full support is available to all registered users, limited support is available to un-registered users.