Makes invoicing easy!

Developed especially for Autotask and Sage 50 users, AT2Sage downloads all your invoices from Autotask and sends them to Sage 50 ready for posting.

Unlike many other Sage import tools that sort of work with Autotask if you configure it a certain way, AT2Sage was developed from the ground up for Autotask users.

It has seamless integration using the Autotask API making invoicing easy, and the invoices look great too!  Click here to view an example of an invoice produced by AT2Sage using Sage Accounts.

There’s no awkward configuration or learning curve to go through either, to get started with AT2Sage just enter your Autotask and Sage credentials and you’re ready to go!

Installation is easy!

Simply click the download button below to download and install AT2Sage on the same computer that Sage Accounts is installed upon, then input your Sage and Autotask credentials – that’s it!

It’s even easier to use

  1. Click the Download Invoices Button
  2. Choose a date range for your invoices, i.e. download all invoices processed between these two dates
  3. Click Send To Sage to send your invoices to Sage Accounts


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Invoices look great!

Your invoices will include all the necessary information your customer wants to see, such as period dates for services, ticket numbers, dates and engineers notes.

You can switch fields off and on, and group tickets/contracts to make your invoices easier to read.

Also included is a free Sage Accounts invoice template, similar to the image on the left.  You’re free to customise this anyway you like.

Click here to download a sample invoice


Download a free 30 day trial

Free, fully functional 30 day trial with all the support you need to get up and running.  Make sure AT2Sage works for you before buying.


What do other AT2Sage users say

“We would highly recommend AT2Sage – it is a great time saving solution for us when it comes to billing out of Autotask. It allows us to keep an audit trail of invoices generated within Autotask for each customer plus have our sales invoices posted in Sage in a few short time saving steps.”

“AT2Sage was a perfect solution to big integration issue between Autotask and UK customers using Sage Accounts. We would not have been able to move to Autotask without this bit of software, the link it creates between Autotask and Sage is fantastic. It keeps our customer records up to date and transfers all invoice data over to our accounts package with so much more detail that the standard Autotask export feature. I would highly recommend this product and think it is a must for anyone using Sage Accounts and Autotask.”

“A valuable tool that saves hours from not having to manually input invoices into Sage.  Easy to use and SmartIT helpful when problems occur.”

“Easy to use with good support.”

“AT2Sage was simple to install and easy to understand. It just worked, and instantly saved us time. Within ten minutes we were using it to post invoices to Sage. We had been posting Autotask invoices manually into Sage, which was a real chore and now the same process now only takes seconds. It also eliminates the odd manual error that would inevitably occur from time to time.”

We email our invoices for recurring contracts and chargeable labour from Autotask, whilst still raising other invoices in Sage. AT2Sage transfers the Autotask-generated invoice numbers to Sage, which means we can easily identify which invoices have come from Autotask, and which come from Sage. With AT2Sage we can use Autotask to do what it is good at and Sage to do what it is good at too.

We had great support from SmartIT during the initial setup. It can’t be easy providing technical support to a technical support company – the only way to do it is very, very well.

I’m so impressed with AT2Sage that I have recommended it to several other Autotask users and will continue to do so. It’s well worth the money for the time you’ll save posting Autotask invoices to Sage in any other way. “

“We have been using AT2Sage for over a year to automate the import of Invoices generated within AutoTask over to our Sage 50 Accounts, this has saved us countless hours and gives us the best of both worlds. The Smart IT support team have always been quick to respond to emails and the software is updated whenever AutoTask change their systems”

Technical Stuff

AT2Sage has been updated to be compatible with TLS 1.2

AT2Sage is compatible with the following UK and Ireland versions of sage

  • Sage Line 50 Version 23 – 29 (2023)

AT2Sage is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

AT2Sage runs on the .NET 4.8 framework and requires the same minimum system configuration http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8z6watww(v=vs.100).aspx

You can run AT2Sage without using the Send To Sage functionality. However, AT2Sage does require Sage’s SDO (Sage Data Objects) Engine to be installed and enabled in order to send invoices to Sage Accounts.

Ideally AT2Sage should be installed on the same PC as your Sage Accounts program is installed.

Ready to buy?

When you’re ready to buy you can purchase AT2Sage use the form on the right to purchase a serial number.

AT2Sage is available as 1, 2 or 3 year subscriptions and includes all updates and support during your subscription term.  Updates will be delivered automatically to your software, support is available by contacting us via our contact page.

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