From time to time we will add additional features to AT2Sage which we feel will benefit other Autotask users (including us – we also use AT2Sage within our business).  These features may be possible due to improvements in the Autotask API, the Sage SDO, or just as a result of feedback from Autotask users.

If you do have a suggestion for how we can improve AT2Sage please feel free to email us.  If we feel that your suggestion would benefit other Autotask users we may consider adding the feature to AT2Sage in the future.

However, we do have a large number of features and updates we are working our way through so we cant give any promises on time scales, or that we will add this feature.  Any features that could hinder invoicing for our other customers would not be considered.

Sponsored Features

Should you require a feature adding to AT2Sage which is important to your business, and don’t have the time to wait.  We can add this feature as a sponsored feature.  Many of the features currently found in AT2Sage have been the result of a sponsored feature.

All sponsored features become part of the AT2Sage program, so we cannot guarantee we will be able to add your feature.

We charge £500 per a day for developing sponsored features, most projects take only a day to complete.  For more information contact Tony on 0845 463 1982.