Xero Account Codes

Mapping Xero Account Codes to Autotask Billing Codes

Billing Codes from Autotask can be mapped to Account Codes in Xero by going to Tools > Options > Billing Codes

All line items on an invoice within Autotask have a Billing Code associated with them. These Billing Codes can then be mapped to Xero Account Codes using the Billing Codes tab above.

To add a new mapping select the Autotask Billing Code and Xero Account Code and click Add, to delete a mapping select the mapping from the list and click Delete.

Once you have added all your mappings, the next time upSync performs a sync it will use the mappings table above for each line item on the invoice.

For any line items which do not have a mapping associated with its Billing Code, the default Account Code will be used as set in the Xero tab of Options.