• Username
    This is the Autotask API username AT2Sage should use to access Autotask (see Step 2: Create an Autotask API user for information on how to create an Autotask API user)
  • Password
    This is the Password used for the Autotask account above
  • Download invoices marked as invoiced
    AT2Sage marks invoices sent to Sage as invoiced on Autotask, when this option is un-ticked AT2Sage will not download those invoices that have been marked as sent to Sage. Ticking this box will download all invoices including those that have already been sent to Sage.
  • Use Invoice Date from Autotask
    The invoice date for the invoice in Autotask will used for the invoice AT2Sage creates in Sage Accounts
  • Skip Zero Value Lines
    Selecting this option will skip any lines that have zero value so they do not appear on the invoice