Line Items

Line Item Designer

The Line Item Designer allows you to customise the content of the line items that are sent to Sage by using free text and variables.  Below is a list of supported variables (we recommend using the [LineItemFullDescription] variable):

  • [LineItemFullDescription]
  • [TicketTitle]
  • [TicketNumber]
  • [ItemDate]
  • [SummaryNotes]
  • [ProjectNumber]
  • [ProjectName]
  • [CostName]
  • [CostDescription]
  • [ContractName]
  • [PeriodDateTo]
  • [ServicePeriod]
  • [ContractPeriod]
  • [BillingCode]
  • [ProductSKU]
  • [AccountOwner]
  • [SubscriptionServicePeriod]
  • [ServiceBundlePeriod]
  • [ContractBundlePeriod]
  • [ContractServiceInvoiceDescription]
  • [ServiceInvoiceDescription]
  • [ServiceDescription]
  • [ServiceBundleName]
  • [ServiceBundleDescription]

Using Autotask to design your invoices

We recommend you use the [LineItemFullDescription] variable in AT2Sage to display line items exactly how they appear in Autotask, as per the image above. Then use Autotask to design your invoice layout template, this gives you more flexibility then using AT2Sage variables.

To configure your invoice template in Autotask use the following link Designing invoice templates (

  • Group Recurring Services
    Ticking this option will group all service items in a group to appear as one charge. Any service items with an asterisk in the name will not be grouped
  • Group Labour Items on Tickets
    Ticking this option will group all the time entries on a ticket to give one labour item.  It is not possible to include the summary notes on labour items when using this option.
  • Autotask Field to use for Product Code
    AT2Sage can use either the MaterialCode or Product SKU from the product in Autotask, as the Product Code in Sage.  AT2Sage will remove any spaces or special characters from the code.
    This option only applies to Autotask Products, all other billing items (e.g. contracts and labour) will use the Billing Code which is setup in Autotask