System Requirements

AT2Sage is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 2016, Windows 2019 and Windows 2022

AT2Sage supports Sage Line 50 Accounts version 23+

You can run AT2Sage without using the Send To Sage functionality. However, AT2Sage does require Sage’s SDO (Sage Data Objects) Engine to be installed and enabled in order to send invoices to Sage Accounts. The SDO is automatically installed when you install Sage Accounts but needs a special Serial Number and Activation Key before it can be used. These details can be entered from within Sage Accounts by going to “Tools / Activation / Enable 3rd Party Integration”. To obtain these details phone Sage on 0845 111 6666 and tell them that you want a Serial Number and Activation Key to enable 3rd party integration. Currently Sage does not charge for providing these details.

Ideally AT2Sage should be installed on the same PC as your Sage Accounts program is installed.