Step 2: Create an Autotask API user

Autotask now require all Autotask integrations to use a special API user to connect to your Autotask instance.  API users are free of charge.

You must be an Autotask Administrator to create Autotask API users.

To create an API user, please ask your Autotask Administrator to follow these instructions:

Enable the Smart IT – AT2Sage Integration Vendor

  1. Hover your mouse over the Autotask icon (top left corner) to access the main menu, then click ADMIN
  2. Under ADMIN, click the Extensions & Integrations tab
  3. Expand OTHER EXTENSIONS & TOOLS and click Integration Center.
  4. Under INTEGRATION CENTER, in the list of integration vendors, find Smart IT – AT2Sage.
  5. Hover over the menu icon to the left of Smart IT – AT2Sage and click Edit.
  6. In MANAGE INTEGRATION VENDOR, under GENERAL, select Active and click Save & Close.

The integration vendor is shown as active and is displayed at, or near the top of the list like below although your Associated API User may be blank

Create the Smart IT – AT2Sage API User

  1. Again, hover your mouse over the icon to the left of Smart IT – AT2Sage and click Add API User
  2. Create a new user and set the First NameLast Name and Email address to anything you want. You don’t need to use a valid email address provided the email address is in the correct format.
  3. Set Security Level to API User (system)
  4. Enter a username or click Generate Key, and make a note of the username you use
  5. Create a password or click Generate Secret, and make a note of the password used
  6. Click Save & Close

Enter settings into AT2Sage

  1. Open AT2Sage
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select Options
  3. Select the Autotask tab
  4. Enter your new API Username and Password into the username and password boxes
  5. Click Test Connection to ensure AT2Sage can connect to Autotask